JADE V TALES swimwear is a brand created & inspired by designer Jade Vukcevic, a Swedish ex swimwear model who has lived around Europe with her husband, a former Serbian professional basketball player and now they are based in Greece.

Jade has two handsome boys, ages 9 and 14 but she has still managed to keep her spectacular figure and her sense of fun, both of which inspired the launch of her breakthrough swimwear in 2015.

As a young girl, she always loved fashion and swimwear and with modelling she had the chance to wear hundreds of different suits. “And none of them ever felt right”, she recalls.

Either they were too conservative with too much coverage, or they weren’t very classy. There was nothing out there that was sexy and elegant. So she decided to design her own swimwear.

Creating Jade V Tales was her continuation goal and she wanted to assure that she will give her female audience all the elements of a classic fairytale, a playful, adventurous and undeniably luxurious product to instil confidence and power within them.

An essential mode of achieving her goal is ensuring her designs are based on timeless pieces that will complement and atter the female form, as opposed to recreating size-specific, temporary trends.

Photographer: Constantinos Tsiliacos

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